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2D Design Shadowing

Our landscape designs utilize grayscale shadowing, line weight hierarchy and blending. Proper implementation of these features plays a big role in how effective the overall plan rendering is visualized. Correctly utilizing these advanced artistic features is what makes your images come to life and have a visual effect to them unlike pure black and white drawings which have no dimensional characteristics


Having worked in landscaping for many years our team has the field experience to be able to decipher what is do-able and what’s not. We do not outsource designs to people which may create beautiful designs, but the lack the experience in the field and knowledge of construction can be a big problem. We understand what works and what doesn’t in the field of construction.

1-1 Contact

 With certified landscape design you will get a local southern CA landscape designer who is familiar with the climate zones, CA native plants selection and the best part is you will have the designers direct contact information to call with any questions or concerns about your project.

Quick Turn Around Time & Revisions

The typical time for you first 2D concept plan is 10 business days after the concept plan is approved. The 1st round of revisions is usually another 10 business days thereafter & the colored rendering 10 additional days.

Artistically Rendered Design

3D designs are nice, but contractors cannot bid plans based on a 3D design only, they need a scaled 2D design in order to bid the plan. Our service provides a 2D landscape design option which serves a Functional purpose to the contractors. The plan will include illustrative concept images or photographs of all plant and landscape objects to be utilized.

Contractor Referrals

We will refer you to multiple licensed contractors with the proper insurance, we do the vetting for you so you know your in good hands. We don't get any kickback or commission from the contractors. we only refer you to people we trust not people who are paying us.

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